How to make Android look like Ubuntu

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Android, HowTo, Ubuntu
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There are few steps to make android look like ubuntu which you can easily download from Google Play Store.

1.  Ubuntu live wallpaper


Live Wall Paper

2.   Unity Launcher

Unity Launcher


3.   Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher

4.   Go Keyboard (Optional) but it looks like ubuntu keyboard.

Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard

After Installing smart launcher, it ask you for your favourite application to make their flower. After Configuration Smart Launcher, there is flower and a digital clock on your wall, to hide these. Long Press application switch button and select Preferences then go to Personalization and Set Clock Style to None, similarly Set Flower Visibility to Always Hidden and Check Left-Hand Mode.

Now to set Ubuntu Live wallpaper, Tap long to your home screen and select Ubuntu Live Wallpaper.

And go to Go Keyboard and configure.

there you go, now its ubuntu device




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